Planning application submitted for Dunside wind farm

Wind farm

July 4, 2023

EDF Renewables UK has submitted an application to the Scottish Government for a wind farm located in the Lammermuir Hills.

The proposed Dunside wind farm is situated on moorland approximately one kilometre east of the existing Fallago Rig wind farm enabling the use of the existing access infrastructure and grid connection on the eastern side.

Once completed, the wind farm could generate around 108MW of low carbon electricity, enough to power up to 62,600* homes. It would also provide significant funds to be invested in community groups and initiatives within the local area through a community benefit fund. Importantly, the project would support the delivery of Scotland’s national net zero targets and the fight against climate change.

Public consultation for the wind farm began in early 2022 and it has undergone a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to guide the project’s design. The EIA covers a range of environmental topics including ecology, ornithology, landscape, hydrology, cultural heritage and noise impact assessments. Drawing upon the information gathered during the EIA for the design of the wind farm enables EDF Renewables UK to minimise environmental, recreational and residential impacts.

Following this work, the final proposal submitted is for a maximum of 15 turbines of up to 220m to blade tip. The layout of the wind farm has been refined and reflects environmental survey information and landscape design work as well as feedback from public exhibitions and stakeholder consultations carried out throughout 2022.

Richard Fisher, Development Project Manager at EDF Renewables UK, said: “The submission of this application is a significant milestone for the Dunside wind farm project. It is the culmination of more than two years of extensive research, design and consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders, including local residents. From the start of the project, we have been committed to incorporating local knowledge and perspectives into the proposed plans for Dunside wind farm.

“We have worked to balance the responses of consultees and members of the public in our proposal for a new onshore wind farm which can make a lasting and valuable contribution to the Scottish Borders by generating renewable energy, empowering local communities and supporting Scotland’s net zero carbon targets.

“If approved, the project will also see the establishment of an annual community benefit fund of £5,000 per megawatt for the operational life of the development, in line with Scottish Government guidance, for investment in community groups and initiatives.”

As part of the planning submission, EDF Renewables UK hosted three public exhibitions in the surrounding communities from 20 June to 22 June. This allowed residents to speak to the project teams and view the final designs, environmental surveys and assessments.

The exhibition information is available to view here.

*Load factors based on the five-year rolling averages on unchanged configuration basis using Table 6.5 of Digest of UK Energy Statistics – latest figures as per July 2022 release.